Adelaide’s Crepe Myrtles!

White Crepe Myrtle – Lagerstroemia “Natchez”

“Natchez” belongs to a beautiful collection of crepe myrtles called the ‘Indian Summer collection’ they were bred in Florida USA to have resistance to mildew and have all been named after North American Indian tribes.

Natchez makes a striking specimen tree to around 7 metres, providing an excellent shade canopy of dappled light. I guess the best way to describe the growth habit is vase shape. In autumn the mid-green leaves turn brilliant autumn tones of orange and red.

Natchez is the first Crepe Myrtle to come into flower, its masses of white flower can be seen in parks, gardens and many streets throughout Adelaide.

Many other varieties will also be seen coming into flower with trusses of pink, red, mauve or purple blooms.  The petals are ruffled, with a unique crepe paper like texture. All providing a spectacular display from December to April.

These deciduous trees all have a vase shape and grow between 4 and 8 metres tall, depending of the variety. Often growing with multiple trunks but they can be readily pruned to just one trunk if required. I suggest that you look at the shape when it’s a young tree, and decided if you would like multiple trucks or a single trunk. It’s easy to achieve.

They are low water use and are particularly well suited to our smaller gardens as their root system is non-invasive and quite safe near foundations and paving.

Another stunning feature of Crepe Myrtles, as the tree matures they develop a beautifully coloured, smooth motley bark. A real feature in the garden, particularly in winter when the leaves have fallen!

Crepe Myrtles reach a variety of heights and widths; this is where we can help you with a variety that suits your needs! Please ask us….

There are many varieties of Indian Summer – Lagerstroemia Indica x L. fauriei

Natchez – white flowers to 7 m

Tonto – rich pink to red flowers to 4 m

Zuni – mauve flowers to 3 – 4 m

Lipan – pink flowers to 4 m

Tuscarora – rose red flowers to 5 m

Sioux – carmine pink flowers to 4m. Excellent upright tree that has outstanding autumn colour, ideal for narrow spaces.

But there is more….

We now have another exciting new range of Crepe Myrtles with flawless, almost black foliage, (Diamonds in the Dark) followed by masses of coloured blooms in a wide range of colours.

This new collection known as diamonds in the dark grows to around 3 metres; they are extremely compact, perfect for flowering hedges and many other garden and pot applications. These are smaller growing and very different looking to the previous range.

And we also stock a comprehensive collection of Dwarf Crepe Myrtles!

We just have so many choices.

Dianne Hall, January 21st, 2021

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