Brushfield’s Beau


Brushfield’s Beau, like his parent has one of the most desirable growth habits of any Camellia.

Its compact bushy upright growth hardly ever needs trimming or shaping and will suit all garden situations. In particular it is an ideal pot plant, very leafy with rich glossy green slightly twisted foliage. Its stocky rigid branches support the flowers beautifully, this sees the flower sit up and look straight at you. Very few Camellias hold their flowers in such an attractive fashion. Now talking about the flower, Brushfield’s Beau’s flowers are exactly the same formation as Brushfield’s Yellow’s that is, a classic double centre (anemone) form, the flowers are medium sized and are borne in profusion. While Brushfield’s Yellow is white to cream, in contrast Brushfield’s Beau’s flowers are heavily splashed and striped with several shades of pink on a subdued white back ground. Towards the anemone centre there is an almost apricot hue, this I’m sure is from the yellow petaloids handed down from his parent.

This is a Camellia we at Newman’s Nursery are exceedingly proud of and very excited about. It is a Camellia we can highly recommend it to all Adelaide’s gardeners.