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Lisbon & Eureka- Lemons in general hold very well on the tree, so for home gardeners either lemon is suitable and can give year-round supplies.
Eureka produces its main crop at about the same time as Lisbon but can carry a number of small crops during the summer-early autumn months.
Lisbon produces a large main crop which matures in the autumn-winter months and has little or no summer crop.

Meyer- Is the ideal cooler climate Lemon. The fruit turns a pale orange colour when mature on the tree and is rounder than most lemons. It is fairly frost hardy and is what could be called a “sweet” lemon. The skin is quite soft and lacks that “lemon zest” flavour. Because of its cold tolerance it is popular inland where frosts occur.

Thornless- The Thornless Lemon originated in South Australia. This is a strain of Lemon which is very similar to Eureka in growing habits. The only difference would be that the fruit has a smooth skin and when the fruit is left on the tree after ripening the skin remains finer than that of the Eureka.

Lemonade- The tree growth is vigorous and attractive. The main crop matures July/August and is reliable and quite heavy. With careful pruning and feeding a lighter summer crop is also possible. The fruit contains few seeds.