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Tahitian Lime (or Persian Lime) – This has large fruit, the size of a small lemon but a lower acid content than West Indian Lime. Fruit is relatively seedless, has a thin rind and smooth surface, pale lemon-yellow at maturity.

Kaffir- The tree is low and shrub like, densely branched with short spines. The fruit is very irregular and bumpy. When ripe it has a thick yellow-greenish rind. Flesh is sour and slightly bitter, faintly fragrant. The leaves (fresh and dried) and the fruit (mostly the rind) can be used for cooking.

Buddha Hand- This is a curiosity attractive Citron only recently been seen in Australia. As the name implies, the fruit is split down its length into a number of finger-like sections. The fruit lacks flesh or juice development and seeds. Rind is yellow and the flesh is acid, being normally regarded as inedible fresh but may be candied.

Limequat- A cross between a Cumquat and a Lime. The tree is small in size, however it is a heavy cropper. The fruit is the size of a Lime is orange in colour and has quite a bitter taste.