Magnolia Blush


This truly outstanding new release is an Adelaide raised Camellia variety. Raised by the late Max Schultz, Max was a past president of the Australia Camellia Research Society and a very keen camellia grower. He raised many seedlings and from them only two were good enough to register, such is the difficulty in finding new varieties of Camellias.  Magnolia Blush was raised from a seed of a very reliable and much loved Camellia called Magnoliaeflora, hence the name Magnolia Blush.

Its flower is a perfect medium sized semi double style with a petal texture you would swear was porcelain. The color is deep pink on the petal edges shading to white in the centre, with a tidy column of central golden stamens. Now not only are the flowers a stunning feature on this plant but the compact growth habit and the rich green glossy leaves complete the picture. Always a winner at Camellia shows. It is sure to be a winner in any garden situation.  This variety has been a long time coming into production and this is its first limited release. Midseason flowering