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Valencia- This tree is a large vigorous tree up to 6 metres. The Valencia is a seeded orange that fruits in summer.
It is the best juicing orange, providing deep-orange juice. It is paler in colour than the Washington.


Seedless Valencia- This tree is very similar to the Valencia but with few or no seeds. The fruit matures slightly earlier than the Valencia.


Blood Orange- A sweet juicy mid-season orange. It has round orange fruit with pink to red flesh and few seeds. The colour is best developed in warm inland areas.


Seville- This Orange takes its name “Seville” from the fact that when sour oranges were grown in the Mediterranean region it was the province of Seville that was known for its groves of sour oranges.
The fruit is mainly used for making marmalade. Orange/Grapefruit hybrid.


Washington Navel-


Cara Cara-